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Slideshows on-line!

Pick a slideshow below to see the different products and their functions in thier natural environment... Much pleasure!

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Slideshow - Circular units Helrunda don2 Helrunda don3 Helrunda don4 Helrunda don5 Helrunda don6 Helrunda don7 Helrunda don8 Helrunda don9
Slideshow - Semi-circular units Halvrunda don2 Halvrunda don3 Halvrunda don4
Slideshow - Quarter round units Kvartsrunda don2 Kvartsrunda don3
Slideshow - Bow shaped units bågformade2 Bågformade don3 Bågformade don4 Bågformade don5 Bågformade don6
Slideshow - Rectangular units Kvadratiska don2 Kvadratiska don3 Kvadratiska don4 Kvadratiska don5
Slideshow - Recessed units recessed2 recessed3 recessed4 recessed5 recessed6 recessed7
Slideshow - Undefined units undefinded2 undefinded3 undefined4
Slideshow - Cooling radiator
Slideshow - The CK-System
Slideshow - Laboratory ventilation Laboratorieventilation2
Slideshow - Domestic ventilation Bostadsventilation2 Bostadsventilation3
  Please visit , Polman´s product catalogue online!