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Photo: Magnus Henriksson

Polman´s works targeted with environmental questions. Our environmental program Care are published here on this website. There is also a brochure available for order in swedish.

To take care of the environment is not just to print on environmentally friendly paper.
As well as for many others our environmental work started with printing on the "right" paper. But that was only the beginning. We soon realized that much more could be done with not much effort. It turned out to be both stimulating and instructive...
We have raised the bar!

All new products that we develop keeps a certain level of environmental- and resource thinking in mind. There are of course changes in our old assortment, but the center of gravity lies in our future products.

Material choice
No matter what product we develop we still consider the choice of material out of an environmental perspective. It is not just a question about how the environment is affected by the choice of material when we manufacture new products, there is also a question about how easily they are recycled. Another aspect to take in consideration is how our products affect the environment while it is installed in place.
The choice of material is controlled by many different factors such as prize, availability, appearance and durability. It is no coincidence that steel is the most used material in ventilation products. The use of steel fits the demands as long as you choose the right thickness, quality and finish. Approximately 90% of Polman´s assortment consists of solely sheet steel. Remaining materials are copper, brass and aluminum and also wood, usually birch or beech.
Since the summer of -96 Polman´s uses sound absorbents free from mineral wool in supply air units from the K-series. Our goal is to minimize the use of mineral wool and before year 1997's end sound and heat isolation of mineral wool will only be used where fire protection technical reasons demands them. The finish of Polman´s products are by standard powder coated. We hire the most modern painting companies with effective systems that pollutes the environment at a minimum.


  Please visit , Polman´s product catalogue online!