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Product categories
Polman´s develops, manufactures and markets products allied to air handling and indoor climate control. Our products display distinctive excellent design features, high quality and longevity.

Online catalogue
Polman´s standard products are presented online at (english).


The Netolog are divided into following product categories.



A wide selection of low impulse displacement units. These units are distingiushed by robust constructions. Even though we offer a very wide selection of standard units it is common with custom made solutions.

In this category you will supply air units for mixing- and displacement ventilation. You will also find fresh air valve- and exhaust units. The common denominator for this category is that the design and technical performance maintain the highest class.

Clean Room
A category where technology combined with appearance are in focus. Characteristics as easy cleaning, openable units and smooth edges are prioritized in this category. These units are most common in the health-, electronic- and provisions industry. Some units comes with built in hepafilters. Polman´s probably has the widest selection of clean room units on the market.

Duct Work
Polman´s CK-system is a complete selection of painted lenghtways swaged circular ducts with details and accessories.

A complete assortment that includes supply- and exhaust air units along with fresh air valve units and kitchen hoods.


  Please visit , Polman´s product catalogue online!